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APRIL 2018

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Golden Coast
BSPF push to get hosepipe ban clarification from water authorities
BSPF push to get hosepipe ban clarification from water authorities
The British Swimming Pool Federation is pushing to have a formal signed agreement from individual water authorities making it clear exactly what the legal implications of the hosepipe ban mean for swimming pools and hot tubs.

With the temporary Water Use Ban, or hosepipe ban, starting to take effect from Thursday, 5 April there has been continued confusion amongst pool and hot tub owners throughout large parts of the south when the ban is in place. Hot tub and pool dealers say they have been inundated with requests for clients asking for clarification.

Some water authorities released information indicating that hot tubs are effectively the same as swimming pools, and that under the ban it will be illegal to fill or top up hot tubs with a hosepipe.

However, the BSPF has made it clear that hot tubs are not affected by the ban – although swim spas will be, because they are officially classed as swimming pools.

The confusion was not helped by a major story in the Daily Express soon after the ban came into effect, highlighting that filling a swimming pool was not allowed.

Under the hosepipe ban, it will not be permissible to top up a swimming pool with a hosepipe, although it can be filled or topped up with a "handheld device from a tap". Pools under construction are not covered by the ban.

The BSPF has hit complications with trying to get individual water authorities to sign up to a joint agreement, but the signs remain promising that this will still be possible. A joint document has been drafted by the Water Authorities and once it is approved, it will be shared with members.

The BSPF says it is happy the message that hot tubs are not included in the list of restricted activities is now understood by the Water Authorities.

It says swim spas will be treated as swimming pools and not hot tubs. It is BISHTA’s plan that a swim spa will be permitted to be installed, without being restricted by the ban for its initial fill, but topping up by the customer won’t be allowed.

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