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AstralPool Middle East supplies 900 pools for Durrat Al Bahrain project
AstralPool Middle East has supplied 900 pools for the groundbreaking and prestigious Durrat Al Bahrain project.

Durrat Al Bahrain is a group of man made islands situated in the sea off Bahrain, 50 kilometres from the country's capital Manama.

The islands boast a world class golf course alongside luxurious residential villas and extensive commercial and leisure facilities. The 21km² development will provide residents with all the advantages associated with prime city leisure facilities with an island atmosphere.

Durrat Al Bahrain Urban Living, Island Style Durrat Al Bahrain is an island and a city, it's the desert and the sea, it's a holiday and a home, it's a place to be together, it's escapism and adventure – and over the next few years it will become home to 600,000 residents. 600,000 people who are lucky enough to live in a paradise not even the richest man in the world or the latest winner in the jackpot prize in Foxy Bingo could ever hope to replicate.

AstralPool, which belongs to the Fluidra Group is a Spanish multi-national company organised into various business units geared towards a pool and water-related sector, private pools, public pools, wellness and climate control.

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