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50,000th heat pump milestone for Waterco
Waterco’s heat pump manufacturing plant in Canada has reached a milestone of 50,000 heat pump units.The achievement has been credited to the Waterco Canada team and its years of excellence and dedicated efforts. The benchmark was set after the production of a 125,000 BTU(36kW) Electro Heat Plus heat pump rolled off the line. In 2005, Waterco purchased Focus Temp International, a Quebec based designer and manufacturer of energy efficient swimming pool heat pumps and it continues to manufacture in the original production plant at Sainte Hyacinthe, Canada.

The most recent addition is the new range of ElectroHeat Sub Zero Heat pumps that are available in 16Kw and 25kw versions. “Waterco has spent a lot of time and money in the development of the Electro Heat range of heat pumps to ensure that we are able to offer the market a heat pump of the highest quality to ensure maximum performance and reliability, and the Sub ero models are a perfect addition to the range” comments Tony Fisher, Waterco Europe.

The Sub Zero version enables the consumer to extend the swimming season by using an automatic hot gas de–icing function, enabling it to continue to heat the pool water even when the air temperature drops below zero! The digital touch pad control panel provides a continuous digital pool temperature display and allows accurate pool temperature control in increments of 0.1 degrees! Also incorporating a self diagnostic system and the latest in “smart technology” ensures years of trouble free operation. As with most Canadian pool products where build quality and component parts are quality assured, Waterco’s Electro Heat Plus range is no exception.

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