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APRIL 2018

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Acti Chemical



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Golden Coast
Feedback to training day has been fantastic says AquaFinesse
Feedback to training day has been fantastic says AquaFinesse
Feedback after water treatment specialists AquaFinesse held a training day for over 100 dealers and retailers has been fantastic.

Aquafinesse invited its top clients to a training day and social event in Pembrokshire to put special focus on water care. Customers were treated to a Welsh log cabin treat as part of their stay in Wales.

It was the first such event launched by AquaFinesse.

"The event was a great success. It was the first thing we have organised on this scale and the feedback during and now after the event has been nothing short of fantastic," said a spokesman.

AquaFinesse is an alternative treatment that has become well known in the UK which does not clam to cut the use of traditional sanitizers completely but significantly reduces the amount used. Tested by the KEMA Institute in the Netherlands, the products manufacturer, Special Water Europe are experts in the field of environmentally friendly water treatment. Special Waters' product line, AquaFinesse for wellness is based on a completely different water care for hot tubs and pools. The company state that the technology of AquaFinesse has been proven as a revolutionary one that is ahead of its time and consistently demonstrates outstanding results.

In AquaFinesse the Special Waters team has succeeded in addressing the real cause of bacterial pollution. The team developed a range of products to mitigate the so called bio film in an environmentally friendly way, which until now was only achievable by using harsh chemicals, with their well documented disadvantages such as toxic action to the environment and corrosion causing properties.

AquaFinesse products are not biocides and do not contain complicated organic compounds. They work simply by loosening the bio film (slimy layers) from their substrate, to keep the pool and hot tub clean. AquaFinesse products are to be used with a residual level of traditional sanitizer according to guidelines.

For more information visit www.aquafinesse.co.uk

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