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Fairlocks Pool Products
Innovative repair system at Rebecca Adlington centre
Sika’s concrete repair system has protected the newly refurbished Rebecca Adlington Swimming Centre in Mansfield from costly damage.

The company’s repair and protection system was applied as part of the centre’s £4.5m refurbishment. It included the Sika FerroGard corrosion inhibitor, which protects the concrete from the high volumes of carbon and chloride found within structures such as swimming pools. Combined with a cement based repair mortar and an attractive protective top-coat, it has extended the life of the concrete areas by at least 15 years.

It was all part of Mansfield District Council’s plans to renovate the existing Sherwood Baths and rename it in honour of British Olympic gold medallist, Rebecca Adlington. It was important that the centre’s concrete features, including soffits and columns, were repaired according to the specifications of the council’s architect and engineers.

In 2009, a new European standard was set for the repair and protection of concrete structures – EN 1504.

Repair mortar was used to restore all defects to the structure. Sika FerroGard was applied.
The protective liquid delays and slows the rate of steel corrosion. This extends the maintenance and service life cycles of the concrete for up to fifteen years. Easy and economic to apply, it is simply applied to the surface without changing its appearance – providing invisible yet effective protection against carbonisation.

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